June 4, 2011

Summer Bouquets

Every time I refresh our kitchen table bouquet Beauie has to check it out.

June 2, 2011


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I know, I know....It has been quite a while since I've posted. The gorgeous summer air has been keeping me away from any type of technology. I've been biking, kayaking, generally working out and working in our garden. I absolutely love this season....it is (mostly) not too hot and not too cold. You can go for a long bike ride and enjoy the smell of honeysuckles as you zip by them. But mostly I enjoy being able to have limitless possibilities for outdoor activities.

This is our kayaking trip. It was an absolute blast:

Pre-Kayaking....waiting for everyone to get their boats ready.

This trip is about 3-4 hours....we did it in about 5 because we took it slow and enjoyed the scenery!

And we took breaks to stretch our legs and refuel with yummy food. Oh yea, did I mention that there were 12 of us! That made for a very full stream and boat loads of fun (pun intended)!!!

Kayaking is one of hubby's favorite things to do during this season!

And we can't forget biking! I do love to kayak but biking is one of my absolutely favorite cardio exercises! It is also so adventuresome! Hubby loves to bike too! His legs are much more strong than mine..but I am getting stronger with every ride. The other day hubby did almost 40 miles....I can't do that yet. The most I did this season was 25.5.

This is me at the beginning of our 25.5 mile ride:

We've also already had a couple bonfires this season. Those are my most favorite social thing to do during the cool summer nights. We even laid on blankets and looked at stars!

I'm so appreciative that there are opportunities in my life to truly enjoy all the beautiful things that make this world so great!