June 25, 2010

Garden Photos!


Stepping Stones to Our Pumpkin & Gourde Patch!

Cucumbers! (ready to grow up the string trellis)

Green Beans!

Spaghetti Squash (which is growing in every direction)

Yellow Squash! (we are working on a string trellis for these so they have room to grow vertically...there is no room for them to grow horizontally)


Lush Soy Beans! (we will be eating a lot of edamame)

Small Soybean Pods!

Aneheim Chile Peppers


  1. WOW! It looks amazing! Good job... how wonderful, soon you will be able to eat fresh veggies that you grew!!

  2. Thank you! The only problem is those darn brown beetles that have eaten most of the leaves off of our pepper plants...I'll be ready for them next year. I just hope our perennials survive this year!