October 10, 2010

Woodfiring at Wheaton

WheatonArts is so many things to me. it is my place for employment, inspiration, my studio space for ceramics and a place to spend time with friends. Today was my birthday and I went to WheatonArts to participate in their woodfiring.

This woodfiring was the last class of a series of ceramic classes. The participants of this class spent two classes, taught by Terry Plasket, learning how to make pots for the wood kiln. Terry is a mentor and a dear friend of mine. I began studying under Terry when I was finishing my undergraduate degree at Rowan University. Experience is really the best way to learn and he offered me a concentrated time for hands-on experience that a formal education couldn't.

WheatonArts offers a variety of classes (glassblowing, ceramics, woodcarving, silk painting, knitting, etc.) Check out their website to learn more about WheatonArts' classes

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