February 11, 2011

Hand-Drawn Pillowcases

If you haven't already noticed, I am incapable of making one type of art, craft, etc. for too long. I always need a new exciting project. There are those tried and true items that I love to make and continue to improve on. But I also find myself searching for something new to keep my interest peaked.

These are my newest idea...hand-drawn pillow cases!

They are simple and use my imagery in a very cozy and fun way. A while back I purchased fabric markers which have totally opened my mind to unending possibilities. The most lovely characteristic of these pillows is that because they are hand-drawn each one will be unique....no exact duplicates here! I like to work out the layout in sketches before drawing directly on the fabric. The sketches above are the first of many before I actually create a pillow.

Now the difficult part...getting my sewing machine serviced before sewing the cases. I am terrible about that. I'm a self-taught, novice sewer. I learn how to make the things I want rather than learning how to sew...if that makes sense. Of course, along the way I learn a few proper techniques. I take the same approach to my machine (which I know must be shocking to those devoted sewers). I promise I am getting better. I simply need guidance for maintanence....I'll get there.

I am finding a way to translate my imagery into block prints. I love the process of lino (linoleum) cuts, which my husband essentially taught me how to do. Last year I began to make small prints on my handmade paper. Yesterday, I watched an amazing video in which the artist made a 30x27 inch print! Much larger than any one I've made! Needless to say, it inspired me to dream of ideas for larger prints and larger sheets of handmade paper.

I will, undoubtedly, be making lino cuts this summer when the studio warms up!


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