April 16, 2011

Garden Progress!

Hubby and I worked so hard last year on our garden that this year it was much easier to start the season! We've already watched small shoots of herbs, flowers and lettuce push their way through the sun-warmed soil. We've even tasted some of our asparagus!

Our mesclun mix is looking delicious!

The mint is growing faster than I could have hoped for!

The onion sets have sprouts!

The peonies are making their spring time return!

The catnip, lavender, yarrow and bee balm survived the winter!

The blueberry bushes have buds!

There are also new additions to the garden this year....
I've tilled three new beds that will be a cutting garden, filled with wildflowers!

Do you see that open space between those two baby trees? This week a hammock with be going between them! The L-shaped bed has knock-out roses, butterfly bushes and an assortment of other perennial flowering plants!

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