July 19, 2011

The Lifestyle Choices We Make

The way we live speaks volumes about who we are. After all, isn't there that delightful saying, "actions speak louder than words". Our daily choices make great impacts...again I'm taken to another saying, "Every little bit helps". I feel my most impactful lifestyle decisions include being vegan (not eating any animal products...whatsoever) and growing my own food in our organic garden. I must thank my husband here...he is incredibly supportive of my choices and is 90% vegan. Again, the saying, "you are what you eat". I have always been the "I don't care what anyone else does I just know this lifestyle fits in better with my morals and ethics".

Well, I feel myself turning a corner. The more I learn about animal cruelty, depletion of the earth and ecosystems by chemicals the stronger I feel towards enlightening others of a lifestyle my body has benefited from. I will not launch into a rant or describe the horrifying, concentration camp style situations we put animals in...or the pounds....even tons of chemicals we put on and into our bodies. I will say, please be mindful of your actions. They have consequences on your body, OUR planet, OUR ecosystem and OUR animals.

I hope the steps I've made to better my life for myself and my family will prove to be inspiring:
  • adopted/rescued both our animals, Beauie (cat) and Westby (dog)
  • reduced the amount of chemicals we put into the earth by switching to 100% plant based (not animal or chemical based) household cleaners...this includes dish detergent, laundry detergent, air fresheners, surface cleaners, etc.
  • reduced the amount of chemical we put into and on our bodies by switching to more natural, organic and cruelty free personal hygiene products (shampoo, soaps, lotions, etc.)
  • never used any chemicals in our garden, instead adopting natural remedies(YouBetYourGarden.com and Organic Gardening Magazine have been great resources)
  • evolved from a meat eating diet (birth to teenage years) to a vegetarian diet and recently (within the past few months) adopted a 100% vegan diet in order to not support cruelty to animals and the industrial methods of producing animal based foods.
  • Pledged to never support animal cruelty by avoiding zoos and the circus...I'm sure our future children will understand.
Here are a few great websites I find to be magnificent!

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  1. It seems very overdue now, but congrats on making the change to a vegan lifestyle! And I feel so honored that you included my blog in this list--thank you :)