May 20, 2012

A Sweater Perfectly Fit For A Pooch

It has be a weekend of four-legged indulgence. From picnic-style lounging to homemade treats we've been living it up!  Westby, our shepherd/border collie/probably retriever mix, and I have spent a few hours over the course of three days laying on a blanket, outdoors, enjoying the summertime weather. Beauie was even able to enjoy the weather while wearing is harness and leash. Oh, and he also snuck out of the house and spent some time strolling through the herb garden. Yesterday, I baked a couple batches of all-natural oatmeal peanut butter dog cookies. They were greatly enjoyed and appreciated. Westby and I were feeling neighborly so we shared a jar with each of our neighbor-pooches (Penny and Sandy). 

Homemade, All-Natural, Oatmeal Peanut Butter Dog Cookies
Currently, our animals are napping on this absolutely beautifully warm, breezy day. While they slumber I am knitting a sweater for the larger of the two. Westby

Westby Napping
 I found a great, free pattern on the Lion Brand yarn website.  So far, it is super simple and extremely enjoyable to knit. There is a very small amount of counting rows and aside from a few buttonholes, I believe a beginner would be successful.

Westby's Sweater (beginning stages)
The border is distinguished by working the seed stitch and the main part is stockinette stitch. The portion pictured above is the back. After it is completed I will create the neck band (seed stitch) and the underside. 

Bonus: Friends of ours told us about this amazing all-natural pet food/treat/toy shop called Hot Diggity Dog. It is located next to and owned by people who run a country market (flowers and herbs). The store is more like a boutique and it is located in a farm-style garage. Trust me, it is not dingy and dirty like you may be thinking. It is so adorable and a great place to buy natural, holistic pet food. We bought a bag of Fromm for Westby and a bag of Solid Gold and BFF wet food for Beauie. They sell great toys and handknit sweaters for dogs. I am considering asking if they would like to buy a few jars of my homemade dog treats to sell. Maybe I'll send them a sample.

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