September 10, 2009

A Wonderful Mother/Daughter Day

Jo Malone fragrances are an experience.

My Mother and I had a Mother/Daughter day today! Mother/Daughter days used to be a regular event but since my Mom became the primary caregiver of her aging Mother we have not indulged.

Today we had our day at the Cherry Hill Mall. The first venture was to the newly built Nordstrom. I had been there once prior to our visit and wanted to show my Mom the Jo Malone fragrance collection. As we stepped into the Jo Malone fragrance section the saleswoman was always a foot away.

She was extremely helpful, although, almost too helpful. I received a hand massage with their signature cream and 4 or 5 fragrance suggestions for my personal taste. Speaking of my personal taste, I informed the saleswoman that I liked fruity scents so she immediately showed me the ones I might be interested in. This was great, but I am the type of person who likes to browse the offerings and test things I might not have thought I would like. I very much felt like I was in the passenger's seat when, as the customer, I should have been in the driver's seat.

After much selling and excitement on my Mother's part I walked out of Nordstrom with a $100 purchase of lotion and perfume (my Mother's treat which I am grateful for). As I was leaving I was thinking, "What did I just buy and do I really like it?" The whole process went by so fast.

When I arrived home I opened the beautiful packaging and slipped the bottles out of their jet black tissue paper. I took a shower and moisturized with the lotion. While doing this I read the literature regarding the products and tested a few of the MANY samples the saleswoman gave me. I must say, as I was reading and testing I fell in love with the products. Much more so than when I was in the store.

The point of this whole story is that if a product is really good and if the customer enjoys it the product does not need heavy selling. The quality of the product speaks much louder than a sale and sometimes heavy selling cheapens the product.

I am now in love with Jo Malone fragrances!

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