November 30, 2009

Continuing the Renovation of the Nest

Luke and I have been continually working on fixing up our new home. Luke spends much more time than I do at the house. I am excited to be finished with my course work at school so that I can spend more time working on the home. So far, we have the living room and the master bedroom painted. It was our goal to have these two rooms completed first. After these comes the kitchen and main floor bathroom.

The living room is painted a cool white (it has undertones of green in it) and the accent wall is DARK blue. I love the dark blue accent wall. I have been considering painting the white walls another color, but I think the blue wall and the white looks classic and sophisticated. I'll bring in more color with curtains, throw pillows and rugs.

Below is a photo of my wonderful fiance painting the blue accent wall. I give him credit, he puts up with my ever changing mind.

Before we even began to paint the master bedroom I had a vision. Dark mauve walls, with butter cream molding, a light tint of green comforter, and chocolate brown sheets, picture frames, and furniture. Oh, and a grayish purple carpet. I must say- the room is fitting the vision. Unfortunately, the photos do not capture the true color of the room. It looks more brown in the photos.

The carpet is not in this photo.

While I was painting the door and Luke was touching up the molding he painted a heart with L + P in the center of the floor. I am so happy to have this secret heart under our carpet! Here is a photo of his sweet artwork!

And, last but not least, there is the outside. Luke's Dad and brother helped him rip out the two large bushes in the yard. Then my Dad helped us remove all the brush. It took almost 10 truck loads to remove all the brush. Here are photos of Luke's brother ripping out the bush and me cleaning up the aftermath. (The yellowish tan house in the background is my neighbor that I have yet to meet. I think they are waiting and trying to figure us out before they approach us.) The neighborhood is made up of properties that are 1 to 1 and 1/2 acres. So, we are close but there is a tremendous amount of privacy.

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