December 20, 2009

Crocheted Flowers

I've been considering starting an Etsy account for some time now. Once I decided to go through with it I, of course, had to consider many things: name of the store and what I would sell. The name has been the hardest. I spent a great deal of time jotting down random words that I felt related directly to me and that represented the fun, lighthearted side of my life. After much consideration I am 70% sure of the name: Peony & Co. I designed a logo, which by the way, is what made me love the name that much more. No it is just a matter of starting a new Etsy account with that name.

As for what to sell. I am going to sell a combination of my knitting and crocheting and my mixed media works on paper and canvas (still to come). Since I have been snowed in for two days I've had time to begin and work out the design of my crocheted flowers. Here they are:


  1. Cute flowers I especially love the colours on the second one. I've been struggling for a name for my forthcoming etsy shop like forever, I am getting ever less imaginative in my choices!

  2. LOL! That does happen. I struggled for a few weeks before I decided on The Little Teapot....maybe I need to write a post about the origin of the name. Hmmm....