February 11, 2010

Yet Another Snow Day

South Jersey was hit again by a snowstorm. I took advantage of the time to work on a blanket I began before graduate school and then never finished. Well, today I finished stitching the squares together and started the white border!

Beauie absolutely loves the snow! He always wants to explore. This photo is of him walking on top of about 2 feet of snow.

Sketch of the Week: Echinacea flowers
I have a small bunch of these flowers that I will tranplant to the new house come spring. The flowers are a gorgeous shade of purple and they make great tea!


  1. ooh, that blanket looks so textural, and the colors comforting.

    i like the echinacea sketch, and your sketch-of-the-week idea. i've been trying to get back into drawing, and you're inspiring me.

  2. So glad to be an inspiration! That is one of the main reasons why I started a blog. It is always hard for me to pick up a pen and paper but I found with a "sketch of the week" section it helps motivate me. Feel free to add a section like mine to your blog!

    And thank you for the blanket comments. I've been working on this one off and on for over a year!