February 1, 2010

Antique Weekend

This weekend I was able to finally make time to visit an antique store. I have been trying to carve away time to do that for so long! I started small and went to a single antique shop located in Deerfield Street, NJ called Jantiques. They have an assortment of antique furniture and decorations for the home and garden. I was mostly interested in items for my soon to be English cottage garden.

They didn't have any seating that I loved but they did have two beautiful iron (painted white) birdcages. I did not purchase them on the first visit but I do plan on a return visit.

My future visit is motivated by both the birdcages and the possibility of adopting a second cat. During this past visit the store owner had an adorable, semi-longhair, cat inside the shop, accurately weaving between the numerous antiques on the shop counter. She (the cat) was extremely friendly and possessed the disposition that made you want to take her home immediately. Turns out, the cat is a stray and the store owner brings her in when the weather gets cold. Future husband loves the idea of adopting her. My only concern is how she will get along with the cat we already have. I am leaning towards adopting her. She will, of course, need to get her shots and be spayed.

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