April 4, 2010

Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here! The weather over the past few days was absolutely beautiful. This week and weekend there were so many exciting events.

The Down Jersey Folklife Center at WheatonArts hosted an exhibition opening for Cambodian Traditions: Wedding and Court Dance. "The exhibition features costumes, accessories and masks which are part of two major traditions of the Cambodian culture-Khmer classical dance and Khmer traditional wedding. Both reflect the myths and structures of Cambodian society and are perceived as embodiments of the cultural belief system as well as a unique complex of artistic expressions. All the exhibition items are works of the Cambodian master artist Chamroeun Yin."

As part of the opening Chamoreun danced a traditional Cambodian dance.

WheatonArts hosted the fabrication for the Design a Glass Rabbit Competition, which I organize. It is a great opportunity for children to be a part of the hot glass creative process. Children submit their designs and watch as the glass artist create their design using hot glass.

This week was also a great time for yard work!

Luke and I finally put the lock on our shed.

We bought a fire pit and had a fire!

We pressure washed the bottom portion of our house.

We began to put up our picket garden fence (not an easy task to say the least).

We bought a suet holder for the birds.

And I assembled my portable greenhouse shelf system for seed starting!

It was a great week!

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