March 29, 2010

The Ceramic Studio at WheatonArts!

The ceramic studio at WheatonArts is one of my favorite places! It houses a group of artists that each use clay in a unique way. One of the most impressive characteristics of this studio is the wood kiln built by master potter, Terry Plasket.

When I was earning my BFA I had an internship in this ceramic studio. I must say that Terry taught me more about the ceramic process in a summer than I learned in three years of formal education. He is truly one of my favorite artists.

Josh Generieux: A talented artist and a dear friend. Josh and I attended the same university and we remain good friends.

Ceramic mugs created by Chris Chariw: Chris is another artist at WheatonArts that I met while in college. He has an amazing understanding and control of the medium. A demonstration by him is not to be missed!

Phyllis Seidner: Amazing. Phyllis is not only an amazing artist but an amazing person. After talking with Phyllis one feels rejuvenated! Her lively personality is one of my favorite things about her.

Phyllis is teaching a ceramic class for teens centered around face jugs. You can register for her class on the WheatonArts website.

Please stop into the ceramics studio at WheatonArts to meet these amazing people. You will be glad you did!

WheatonArts will be open to the public on Thursday, April 1.


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