March 11, 2010

Starting Small

Remember this?

Today I took the first steps to achieve my sketched dream above. My father came over with his rototiller and we prepared the ground for my flowers and vegetables.

I truly think gardening is in my blood. Both my grandfathers and my father had gardens. As I was tilling the land for my future vegetable garden I was remembering and reflecting upon the years during my childhood spent in the garden with my grandparents. They had a garden that spanned an entire acre of land. They were lucky enough to own 6 acres of land. It was very meaningful for me to have my father helping me.

For my first crop I plan to plant asparagus, cucumbers, plum tomatoes, lettuce, possibly soybeans, maybe spinach, and maybe sweet potatoes. I would also love to have blueberries, blackberries and raspberries but I do not want to overwhelm myself on my first year of "true" gardening. In addition to this vegetable garden I am also landscaping my one acre property with many many many flowers and herbs!

What is even more special is that today I was using my grandfather's tools. Since we are selling their old house I will inherit all his tools. I am very fortunate to be able to have tools with memories to grow food for my family. Both of my grandfathers have passed and using their tools almost make me feel as though they are working on my garden with me.

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  1. great start! i'm looking forward to seeing more..