March 22, 2010

The Beginning of Spring Landscaping

This weekend future hubby and I took one step towards our huge landscaping goals and began constructing beds in our vegetable garden and planting a few perennial flowers!

Future hubby is really enjoying gardening with me!

I've been waiting all winter to get my hands in the soil!

My vegetable garden is beginning to take shape. These blocks look a little rough right now but once I install my wooden picket fencing the vegetable garden will have charm. Each bed is 7 feet by three feet. Once complete, the total garden will be 48 feet by 32 feet. It was going to be slightly smaller but the fence I love only comes in 8 feet panels.

This is a picnic table my grandfather built. It will be a nice resting place under a shady tree for those days in the garden.

After a long day of preparing the ground and planting a few plants it feels good to be one step closer to my garden dream. The next steps are: buy compost, finish the other two beds, install my garden fence and order the seeds!

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