May 18, 2010

A Toad in the Garden!

Today we saw our first toad in the garden! Toads are very welcome garden guests because one toad will eat tens of thousands of species of bad bugs in a single season!

In order to accommodate this toad, and hopefully attract others, I built a toad abode!

Toad abodes provide a cool damp place for toads to escape the hot day sun. They are simple to build. I took two bricks, placed them on their sides and put a panel of wood on top. In order to keep the toad abode cool I placed clumps of soil all around and on top. In a few days I will sprinkle grass seed on top of the abode. The grass will form a root system and keep the soil in place. In addition to being functional the grass will also improve the aesthetics of the abode.

You can buy terracotta toad abodes. However, you must cover them with soil. If you don't the abode will get very hot during the day and it will not serve its purpose.

Future hubby had the ambition to redesign our watering process. He purchased and installed soaker hoses!!! Now we won't have to stand in the garden watering the plants every morning and night! Future hubby is the best!

P.S.- Future hubby will soon be hubby come Saturday!


  1. Oh how cute a toad abode!! I was happy to see you updated... and I wish you the very best this Sat! Congrats!!

  2. congrats on the wedding! hope your weekend is absolutely perfect.

  3. Thank you both for the warm wishes! I have been a little behind on my updates...hopefully after the wedding I'll have a little more time to post. I am working on some exciting ideas for my artwork. I'll post about it soon!!!