September 27, 2010

Antiques and Photos

This old lantern belonged to my grandfather. Before that it belonged to his mother. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to hear the stories associated with this lantern directly from him. I found it as I was looking through his grandfather passed away a few years ago. He was always a very to-himself type of man. He was in World War II and from what I understand after that war his demeanor became very quiet.

He practically lived in his barn. He kept all his tools and garden equipment in this space. It was his and no one else's. As a young child I was never able to go into the barn because it had a large pit, which he would drive his car over in order to change the oil. Without a car over the pit, it was a good 10 foot drop onto hard concrete.

As I explored his barn I found all sorts of tools and notes to himself written on the worn wooden walls. It was like getting to know the man I never really knew. I didn't take much from that barn....a couple lanterns and some old gardening tools which my husband and I used to grow our first garden.

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My favorite is Framing Light.


  1. I happen to know that crazy girl who enjoys farm life, Banjos & beards....& Gnomes:)

    I have a lantern just like that one:)

    & thank you for the mention:)