September 10, 2010

Harvesting Catnip

This season I planted one catnip plant with the hopes that I could make a few handmade organic catnip toys for my cat. Turns out that plant grows like a weed! I now have a beautifully lush catnip plant. Last night I harvested some of the capnip. Using twine I tied the sprigs into small bundles to dry. Tomorrow I will begin to make patterns for the hand-sewn catnip toys!


  1. Who knew catnip was so pretty? There are lots of knit patterns on Ravelry for kitty toys. Here is a link to one I have used many times:
    It would be great stuffed with catnip!!!

  2. Catnip is a beautiful plant. I just divided my plant and transplanted it to a different bed. Thank you for the link to knitted toys!