August 13, 2011

New Table, New Work

I am so fortunate to have an amazingly generous husband/studio-mate. A long time ago he was given this beautifully old wooden studio table. Since he brought it to our house it has been sitting in the back room and was being used as a storage table. The other day he asked me if I wanted to use it in my studio. I was totally thrilled. It has more than doubled my table space!

With the new table surface came motivation for new work. I had been making sketches of this idea for the past week. Like all work, it is a combination of thoughts that have been formulating for years. I am not sure where it will go and that is why I enjoy it so much! I do know that there will be a ceramic element in this new body of work at some point.

For over a year now I have been attempting (I strongly emphasize attempting) works on paper. It has been an unbelievable challenge. Since being a 3-d only artist for so long a sheet of paper was the biggest challenge EVER. The other day I began to doodle on a sheet of watercolor paper with pen and watercolor pencil. I looked at the composition and did not like it. I thought back to my sketch book ideas of making honeycomb ceramic wall installations (yet to be made). Then I thought, "hey, this paper does have to stay rectangle." So then I took an xacto knife to it and this is what happened. For now, these are taped to my studio wall. I like this installation style. it might be nice to do this with printmaking as well....more to come for sure!

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