September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene

This past weekend the east coast of North America experienced hurrican Irene. As always, some areas were hit worst than others. Our area experienced what I would call a strong storm. We lost power for two hours last night...and that is about all of the hurricane effects we experienced. Others, including our neighbors experienced a little more. Our neighbors behind us and to the left of us have a lake in their back yard from the rain. Our neighbors to the right must have no power because their generator is running.

At about 10:00 last night our lights started to flicker and the wind started to howl outside our front door. We decided it would be best to take shelter on the lower floor of our house. We have a bi-level so the bottom floor is cinderblock construction. Our windows went straight-edge:

This will supposedly keep the windows in tact should they break from the heavy winds.

We slept on the floor on this room. It was once a garage that has been converted into a family room. Me, my husband and the dog (Westby) cuddled close on the floor. The cat (Beauie), being superior, slept upstairs:

Before we settled in for the evening we made the most delicious pizza bagels. Mine had kale, red onions, marinara sauce, and vegan cheese. It was the most delicious pizza bagel I've ever eaten. As I was making them I thought it would be my last hot meal for a day or so because I expected to lose electricity:

Here is the damage from the storm...our tomatoes, cucumber plant seedlings are most likely done for....

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