February 10, 2012

Delicious Vietnamese Cuisine at Saigon

Saigon in Millville, NJ is the most delicious Vietnamese cuisine I've ever had.

Although I have only been to this restaurant a handful of times it is one of my favorite places. The food, the ambiance and the healthy menu make it a total sensory experience. It is located in a strip of businesses...most of those being other eateries. As soon as you walk in your spirits are instantly lifted by the vibrant orange walls. Yes, to some vibrant orange my not seem like the most appealing atmosphere; but I assure you it is wonderful. For those unfamiliar with color theory and interior design (of which I also have a limited knowledge) orange hues do wonderful for skin tones. Ladies, you will absolutely glow in this place (great for making a great impression on a first date). The tables and chairs are nice. Not the most comfortable but not uncomfortable.

The beverage options are excellent. Here are a few that I think paint a picture of the eclectic mix: premium jasmine teapot; vietnamese coffee, lemonade, young coconut juice; assorted bubble teas and smoothies (including an amazing avocado smoothie). This time I ordered the Frazzle-dazzle smoothie, which is banana and strawberries. My husband ordered the avocado smoothie with tapioca in it (those "bubbles" that give bubble tea its name).

The menu is equally fantastic. Vegan, vegetarian, meat eater; all will be happy. This last visit I had the Tofu Vermecelli. It was absolutley delicious. There was a minimal amount of tofu but it was cooked perfectly. The rice noodles were also cooked perfectly. This dish was wonderful when paired with the hottest sauce from the table top sauce selection they provide. The serving size was enough that I was able to take some home for lunch the next day.

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