February 28, 2012

Sew Into Butterflies

The arts organization I work for, WheatonArts, is having a butterfly event for little kids, age 4. A woman who raises butterflies will be there with a large tent for the kids to stand in while butterflies flutter around them. Pretty magical, right? In order to enhance their experience and bring art into the event I am conducting a butterfly symmetry/painting activity for the kids. While they leave or wait for their turn in the tent they can come over and create art with me.

Of course this means I have been so into butterflies. I have a plan for the tent decor but that is an entire subject on its own. I always loved when teachers dressed up for the theme (not in a predictable way, but in a creative way) so I am following in those foot steps. I am sewing a butterfly apron!

I have to state my disclaimer. For all of you who are pro or semi-pro sewers, I am not. I love fabric and the properties of the medium and I totally improvise. I've made a couple things on the sewing machine before and always walked away with something decent. However, my stitches are totally sketchy and unprofessional...but I love it! I like the playfulness that results. That is my story and I am sticking with it. :o)

My original idea was to create a lino or wood block and print the fabric. Turns out that would cost way too much money and take too much time to figure out. As an alternative, and not a bad one at that, I went to my local art/hobby supply store and picked up these lovely fabrics.

Both are 100% cotton. One is a duck cotton....semi-heavy weight. The other is a lighter weight fabric that I am using for the straps and the pockets. Here is the overall apron. Cute, right? I think so. :o)

These are the lovely pockets. Apologies for the water mark on the pocket...I just steam pressed them. They are functional and I think add a nice element of "playful".

The next step is to take that lovely orange fabric and create a border that goes around all the edges of the apron. That must wait for another day. It is too late and I know myself. I will totally mess up because I am tired and my apron deserves better than that. :o)

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