March 10, 2012

Why Handknit Hand and Face Towels Are The Best!

These are my top three reasons why I love hand knit towels. They do take quite a while to make. Crocheting, for me, is much quicker but I love the look of the knit. I guess if I were to knit this one project every time I picked up my needles I could make one of these in a weekend or two. But I don't knit like that and I can not imagine having an entire weekend (let alone two) that I could devote entirely to knitting. I came down with a cold over the past couple days and today I was told (ordered really, by my husband) not to get up and overwork myself. He knows me all to well... I usually have a hand towel on my needles so I can pick it up when I am looking to do some mindless knitting. The towel I finished today (pictured above) is a basket weave stitch that is very simple.

1. They feel like no other commercially made towel.
I use a 100% cotton yarn to make our hand towels. They are not necessarily softer than those fluffy towels but they have their own type of softness. I love drying my hands or face in those wonderful stitches. You have to feel one to truly understand what you are missing. I hear the same goes for handknit socks... which I've never made or worn but I look forward to it.

2. They get better with age.
These towels are nice when you first make one. However, after a few washes the yarn "blooms" and the stitches meld together to form a more uniform fabric. The softness and ability to absorb advances with each wash.

3. They add uniqueness to your home.
I love it when friends visit and are inspired by our home. I was beyond tickled when one of my friends said that she feels inspired after visiting my home. An inspiring abode is totally one of the qualities I am trying to achieve in the decor of our home. I am also a huge fan of boho chic so anything handmade or mismatched fills me with joy. I love having towels that are not part of a set. I will often buy only one towel if I see one in a unique color in the store. The ability to knit my own gives me unlimited possibilities for a variety of color combinations.

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