September 25, 2012

100% Cotton

Hand-Crocheted  Cotton Wash Cloths
I love wash cloths. From what I understand not everyone in America was raised using them in the tub! I have fond memories of being little and my parents gently bathing me with a soft wash cloth. We never had hand crocheted ones like this. They were made out of the same  materials as our towels. Probably a combination of natural and synthetic fibers. But nevertheless using one brings back memories of home.

Some may think that wash cloths are simply a luxury but they really are better than just rubbing a bar of soap on your body. They increase exfoliation and help remove dead skin cells. A wash cloth is especially useful in getting sand off your skin when returning home from the beach!

I very much enjoyed making these. They are made from a 100% cotton yarn. I use the same stitch pattern my grandmother taught me...adding even more nostalgia to these fiber gems. Use one and you will see...they are magnificent! They are also really great to use as basket fillers in a house warming gift basket. I sometimes wrap a bar of special, handmade soap in a wash cloth and tie a piece twine around the cloth and tie a bow to create a uniquely wrapped gift. These wash cloths also look really great folded in a basket and displayed in the bathroom. I keep a small, dark brown basket on a shelf near the shower so my hubby can grab a fresh wash cloth once he gets in the shower. Totally convenient and such a great addition of texture to my bathroom's decor.

Even orangutans like to use washcloths!  

Beauie, my studio cat, wanted to be included in the photos.....
After all, he does work VERY hard...


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