January 16, 2013

Do You Love Cubbies?

Do you LOVE cubbies? I do. I totally do. I can never have enough storage space. Even if there is nothing to store at the moment....there will be....eventually. That is why I bought these fantastic cubby-shelves at IKEA this past weekend. They are a high gloss gray that look great against the light gray and dusty rose walls of our studio. This purchase was inspired by a book I recently bought titled Where Women Create. It is mostly a picture book of women's creative spaces. What I love about it the most is that all the spaces featured use a combination of old and new pieces (shelves, chairs, decor) to organize materials, tools and items of inspiration. I have no shortage of all three.

My New Favorite Book...for the week.
After spending the previous weekend re-organizing my materials I was able to condense my storage system. So, when I brought in these shelves I realized I have more room than I need. A GREAT problem to have. Re-organizing a creative space can be so inspiring. When I have a clean and organized work space I feel more inclined to create. 

My charcoal gray shelf fits perfectly in the line up! 


Everyone has loved my gift wrapping I use on my soaps, so I've decided to make the service and the tags items in my Etsy shop!

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