January 25, 2013

Reimagining Printmaking

I've always been drawn to a creative process that resulted in the production of a three dimensional object. For the longest tmie, ceramics was my favorite process. I loved throwing sections of large, womanly-shaped vases on the wheel and then stacking the sections to create two-three foot objects. Once college and post-college studio spaces became either unavailable or inconvenient, I began searching for new creative processes.

Printmaking was one process that caught my eye. Luke (my husband) is a printmaker so I had a live-in teacher. He mainly works with screen printing but I knew that wasn't for me. I was drawn to relief prints. Not so much the finished product, but rather the carving process. I found it to have many similiarities to the ceramic process. I jumped in, swam around for a while and then jumped out. It really wasn't holding my attention. A year or so later I decided to combine my mild interest in sewing with my mild interest in printmaking and BAM! A full blown interest in the combination of the two! I now pine all day to sew and print in the studio.

My print designs are inspired by my love of all things natural. A side note here: in a world of processed food and processed-everything, I think it is so important to value, treasure and highlight the handmade and natural. My (as close to as I can get) all-natural philosophy motivated me to start my own handmade soap company. The ingredients I use to create the items for my business inspire my printmaking.

I am currently working on this really great ginger lino-cut. It is the most tedious block I have carved. My style is typically contour-line based but this block calls for textures within the lines. I am so excited to see the final print! Just like the flower bouquet print above, this ginger will also find its way onto a towel. A few weeks ago, I made a ginger soap that I think will compliment this print beautifully.
As always, my soaps and towels can be purchased in my Etsy shop: PamsSoapStudio.etsy.com

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