February 10, 2013


I was super excited all week because my friend Lauren was coming to visit on Saturday (yesterday)! We sampled ALL the rooms in IKEA (pretended to have meetings in office spaces and sampled bedrooms), ate delicious Indian food at Coriander, drank bellinis and watched a girl-movie at night. 

One of my favorite things about IKEA is that it is full of inspiration for living spaces. I saw these great, but simple idea boards in a room that was staged as a creative space. Very simple pin boards screwed to the wall, and each used as a collection of ideas for different projects. I absolutely want something like this for my studio space.

We have this coffee table in our living room! I love what they did with paper hearts! MUST do something like this for Valentine's day. I could step it up a notch by using stitched fabric hearts or prints of hearts to make it a bit more rustic.

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