February 22, 2013

New Prints

We've become a bit of a block printing home this past month. I've been carving a lot of linoleum for printing on fabric and Luke has completely immersed himself in wood block carving. He bought these really great wood carving tools from (insert link to online store). They are handmade in Japan and are gorgeous.

I love the look of a wood carved block but (for now) I like the process of carving linoleum better than wood. There was definitely a learning curve that Luke experienced. It seems you have to be so sensitive and aware of the wood grain in relation to this design you want to pull out of it. Very cool process, but no thanks. I'll stick to lino for now.

Here is what I've been working on:

This block has only been printed on paper but I will soon make tea towels for this block to be printed on. The towels will be for sale in my Esty shop (PamsSoapStudio.etsy.com) by mid-March.

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