January 27, 2011

Factory Mill End Finds!

Have you ever used mill end yarns? These are yarns left over when the mill finishes packaging a certain color (either the end of the dye lot, the extra yarn that was not wound into skeins, or there could have been a problem with the way the skein was wound....it could be anything really). Most craft stores (such as Michael's or AC Moore) have a bin of this with a variety of colors. I make a habit of it to check these bins. Most of the time I do not find anything spectacular...its usually plain acrylic yarn that is often too dull for my taste. However, there are those "oh my!" moments.

This beautiful, satin shimmering pink-purple-cream yarn was a find last week. All the yarn in the photo was only $5.99! What a find! I love working with it and am making it into a scarf. It seems to be a wool-acrylic mix.

Mill-end yarns are great for small projects like scarfs, teapot cozies, hats, gloves, etc. As you can see in the photo you get about 1 pound of yarn and it comes to you in 4-5, multi-sized balls. Some do not think it is worth the hassle but I totally think it is!


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  1. HI! I was wondering where you found these goodies at! I checked with my local Michaels and they said they don't carry that :( Jo ann MIGHT, they said they have ziplock bags that have a few skeins in it at a discount price but they weren't sure if they were mill ends, since they weren't labeled that way :)