January 8, 2011

Up and Running!

After months of being used as a storage space for furniture, new kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances, my studio space is finally up and running! I changed the layout, yet again, so that it functions as a studio and as an office for my Etsy business. Hubby and his brother will soon be delivering a new filing cabinet that I will paint a fun, inspiring color.

I was even able to have a separate table for sewing! The only table I had for this was a folding metal and plastic table. I am looking for an antique wooden desk to use instead. Other than a new table, the next addition will be a chalk board or bulletin board near my desk for notes, ideas, etc. I would love to use moulding to create a frame, paint it a shimmering gold and paint the wall inside the frame with chalk board paint!

Plans for studio production in the next month include: more fabric flower broaches, knitted sachet holders, handmade paper, drawings and prints! Today's goal is to do more research on shipping for my items and preparing stationary (thank you cards to be sent with purchases, tags for items, etc.).


  1. Very nice... i love the space.. and I like that you have a cozy place for your pets too. :0)

  2. Thank you, Brianna! We absolutely adore our pets and they almost always are in the studio while we work.

  3. It all looks so lovely! I would love a space like that. Very inspiring!