January 31, 2011

What I Love About the Weekends...

I absolutely love all the delicious food I prepare (and eat) on the weekends. Portabella mushroom, spinach and provolone cheese paninis for lunch brings a sense of calm to my days. My Polish-Italian upbringing instilled in me a great love for food and preparing food for people. I find myself most happy in the kitchen.

M husband loves papaya. I've never tried it until he bought one. Apparently the seeds can be eaten in salads but I find them to be too strong in flavor. Hubby had me try one and I immediately spit it out, wiped my tongue and ate a piece of sweet mango to recover. Oh, Mango....how I adore you. The fruit salads above have mango, grapes and papaya. Delicious!

What yummy weekend foods do you adore?

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