January 24, 2011

Hand-Sewn Organic Catnip Sachets

This is one of my new hand-sewn, hand-decorated, organic herb sachets! This past summer I planted a catnip bush that was very successful. I was able to harvest a couple small jars of catnip leaves from the one bush. I used some of the herb for cat toys and some for sachets like these.

This sachet is the first of my (hopeful) series of herb sachets. I chose a very thin muslin fabric in a natural canvas tone for maximum airflow through the herb to enhance the fragrance.

I am looking forward to another successful gardening season and these sachets are inspiring me to plant more herbs. My husband and I grow an English cottage style, organic garden. We enjoy a yard full of organic herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruit bushes and (soon) fruit trees (cherry to be exact)!

My catnip sachets will be for sale in my Etsy shop (coming very soon)!

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