January 10, 2010

A Fresh New Face!

Hi Everyone!

As you can see The Little Teapot Blog has a fresh new face! There are now sidebar links that help connect my blog to my other websites. The newly added left sidebar has icons to my Etsy Shop (coming soon)and my flickr page. Additionally,I added a section for images of my most recent work, titled "New Studio Creations". This section will have photos of my new work. As a metaphorical sneak peak of what is to come, here are some techniques I will be incorporating into my craft/art over the next few months: (seed) paper making, polymer clay, linoleum printmaking, and yarn crafting.

The upper portion of the right sidebar has information about me and a link to contact me (if you are not able to click on the link, an email address that you can copy and paste is provided.) I am noticing that the image link of the envelope is working with some computers and not others. I would love to receive email feedback about this link.

This blog will continue to evolve as I create new works in my studio, as I experience new pleasures in my life, and as I find more interesting, thought provoking and inspiring art forms. Please make sure to subscribe via the subscription link near the bottom of the right sidebar.

I would like to thank the following blogs and blog authors for an amazing wealth of information regarding html code. Without them, this blog evolution would not have happened! Thank you!


My Weekend Adventures
This weekend I truly made the most of my time. My fiance and I visited the museum of art, bought art supplies, and moved more of our belongings into our new home.

This beautiful necklace was on display in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
It was made using silver, gold and polymer clay! This inspired me to purchase polymer clay to use as a medium for creating custom toggle beads for my toggle scarves. I would also like to make broaches using this clay. An example of a design/sketch that I would turn into a clay broach is the Little Teapot logo (located in the beginning of this post).

This weekend Luke began to move more of his art supplies into our studio. As you can see, the space is quickly becoming full. Being the "planning ahead" type of person I am, I drew birds eye view sketches of how I plan to arrange my area in the studio. As we are bringing all these items into the room I am noticing that my designs are going out the window. I am so excited to use this cozy creative space!

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