January 15, 2010

New Yarn!

I am currently in the process of building a small inventory of items before I establish my Etsy shop. I am having a blast with all the new materials I am using! So far I have acquired some linoleum blocks to do lino prints, I have gathered used paper for my paper making adventures, I bought Sculpey to create broaches and beads and I purchased this new yarn the other day. The exciting part of this new yarn is that I would normally never buy this color of yarn. It is not a color I would normally wear but I think it is beautiful. It has a sort of rugged elegance (if that makes sense). I decided to use this yarn to make a knit stitch scarf. I decided to do a very simple stitch because (1) I wanted to really enjoy the yarn and have the ability to concentrate on and become familiar with its characteristics and (2) I plan to pair this scarf with a red flower broach. I think the contrast will be stunning. Here is an image of a few rows that I had knit last night.
I have multiple projects in yarn, house and other art mediums going at the same time. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love to keep busy and inspired. If I become tired (or dare I say it...bored) with one medium I can switch to another project. I think that method keeps me creatively fresh.

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